Report: S-300 Missiles Now on Their Way to Syria

A report said that American intelligence units had observed Russian ships on their way to Syria, possibly carrying S-300 missiles

David Lev ,

Syria border
Syria border
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Are S-300 missiles on their way to Syria right now? A report on CNN Thursday said that American intelligence units had observed several Russian warships on their way to Syria. The ships are currently in the eastern Mediterranean, and information gathered by the intelligence groups indicates that the ships are carrying parts for the S-300 missiles.

According to the report, the U.S. has been keeping track of the Russian ships for several days, ever since they left a military base in Russia. Satellite data indicates that the ships are carrying cargo that appears to be suitable for use in a weapons system, most likely the S-300.

Several days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia had not yet begun shipping the missiles to Syria. However, in an interview on a Hizbullah-affiliated television channel last weekend, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad hinted that Syria had already received some of the missiles, the contract for which Damascus signed with Moscow several years ago. In response, Russian officials said that the systems had not yet been shipped to Syria.

Earlier, the IDF verified reports Thursday morning that Syrian rebel forces had conquered the Golan city of Kuneitra, placing them directly on the border with Israel. IDF officials said that the takeover of the area by rebel forces was a “significant development.”

IDF officials have advised agricultural workers in the border area to stay away from the border until the security situation can be clarified. In addition, the road running near the border from the southern to the northern Golan has been closed, in case fighting spills over into Israel.