Jordan MPs Demand Expulsion of Israeli Envoy

Jordan MPs unanimously demanded the government expel Israeli ambassador over 'chair throwing' Muslim Mufti.
By Arutz Sheva staff
First Publish: 5/8/2013, 4:33 PM

Muslims on Temple Mount
Muslims on Temple Mount

Jordan MPs on Wednesday unanimously demanded the government expel Israeli Ambassador Daniel Nevo after detectives in Israel detained top Islamic cleric the mufti of Jerusalem, state media reported, according to the AFP news agency. 

"The (150-member) lower house of parliament unanimously demanded the government ask the Israeli ambassador to leave Jordan, and recall the Jordanian ambassador in Israel," Walid Obeidat, the official Petra news agency said, adding that the vote came in response to "Israeli occupation measures at Al-Aqsa mosque".

Prime Minister Abdullah Nsur told the MPs that his government "views the Israeli violations in a very serious way."

Nsur added that the Jordanian embassy in Tel Aviv "will take all necessary measures to respond to these hideous crimes."

"If things develop, the government will ask the UN Security Council to hold an emergency meeting," he said.

Israeli police were questioning Hussein on Wednesday over a "disturbance" at the Temple Mount, as Jews celebrated Jerusalem Day, marking the re-unification of the eternal capitol following the Israeli victory during Six Day War of 1967.

Hussein was taken from his home by detectives to a police station "on suspicion of involvement in a disturbance" a day earlier and involvement of throwing chairs at Jews seeking to celebrate at the ancient holy Jewish site, said Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.