Jewish Women? Yes, You Can

Jewish women gathered in New Jersey for a conference which encourages Jewish women to conquer the American business world.

Eliran Aharon, New York,

Jewish women's business conference
Jewish women's business conference
Eliran Aharon

Jewish women gathered in New Jersey on Sunday, for a conference which encourages Jewish women to conquer the American business world.

The conference was organized by a team of women leaders and experts together with The Jewish Woman Entrepreneur, and was aimed at helping observant women to balance successful businesses and careers with a dedicated, sincere Torah lifestyle.

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to have an organization that specifically caters to the needs of observant women, which are very different,” one participant told Arutz Sheva.

“There are not many frum women, like myself, who balance five children, want to have a beautiful Shabbos, have fresh food on the table, keep my house clean and organized and continue to build my company and have a wonderful family,” she added.

Chaya Fishman, founder and executive director of The Jewish Woman Entrepreneur, explained that the organization supports “Jewish women as they launch and grow successful businesses and careers.”

Fishman started the organization when she was 16 and already running her own business. Fishman, who was looking for advice but also for mentors who would understand the challenges she faces as an observant woman, started The Jewish Woman Entrepreneur when she could not find such a network.

The organization, she said, started as a website and picked up speed, leading to the first national conference on Sunday.

“We have about 300 women here from 13 different states and three different countries,” said Fishman. “The energy’s amazing and the work we’re doing is very important and very good.”

The message Fishman has to Jewish women is that “the entrepreneurial ability is really woven into the fabrics of our DNA. We have all this different energy that we can tap into. A woman has the ability to take raw materials and transform them into something extraordinary.”


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