Iranian Claims Machine Invented to Predict Future

An Iranian scientist claims to have invented a machine that can see 5 to 8 years into the future

David Lev,

Iranian youth using a computer
Iranian youth using a computer
AFP file

An Iranian scientist claims to have invented a machine that can see into the future, the London Telegraph reported. "The Aryayek Time Traveling Machine,” created by Tehran scientist Ali Razeghi, together with the state-run Center for Strategic Inventions, claims to be able to "predict five to eight years of the future life of any individual, with 98 percent accuracy,” according to a press release.

According to Razeghi, the machine uses complex algorithms based on current information that analyzes the data and predicts future scenarios Users touch the machine's sensors, and the machine bases its analysis on that reading. The machine can be used to predict the fate of an individual, community, or whole country, and predict things like wars, currency fluctuations, the price of oil, stock values, and much more.

Naturally a government that can see five years into the future would be able to prepare itself for challenges that might destabilise it," the Telegraph quoted Razeghi as saying. "As such we expect to market this invention among states as well as individuals once we reach a mass production stage.”

However, that stage may not come for awhile; an actual machine hasn't yet been built. “The reason that we are not launching our prototype at this stage is that the Chinese will steal the idea and produce it in millions overnight,” Razeghi said. Still, he said, Iran is light years ahead of others, like the U.S., who are allegedly working on this technology. “The Americans are trying to make this invention by spending millions of dollars on it where I have already achieved it by a fraction of the cost,” Raghezi said.