Peres: From the Depths to the Heights on March of the Living

The March of the Living is like no other march in the world, said President Shimon Peres

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David Lev,

March of the Living
March of the Living
Israel news photo: Flash 90

In a message to participants in Monday's March of the Living, President Shimon Peres said that the march the participants would be making “has no equivalent anywhere. This is a march from the lowest depths to the highest possible level.

“The depths are the acts of the Nazis, a horror unmatched in history,” Peres said in the prerecorded message, which was broadcast on a giant screen before some 11,000 people, mostly teens and young adults. “We lost 6 million brothers and sisters, boys and girls. When I see your faces,” Peres told the young people, “I have a vision of the tallitot (prayer shawls), of the the shoes that the madmen tore from their victims. It is not a matter of remembering – their blood is our blood, and it boils until today. We will never be calmed,” Peres said. “Not much time has passed, the Holocaust happened only 74 years ago. It is part of our being, part of our history,” he added.

“The Jewish people are still smaller than they were on the eve of the war,” Peres continued. “Even now we have not restored what has been lost. But only three years after the war, we received this great miracle, the heights, the resurrection of the Jewish people – the State of Israel. It was established in contradiction to all chances and conventions – with want, suffering, poverty, and with much opposition. There is almost no differentiation between the depths and the heights,” Peres added. “One is the result of the other. The courage of Israel springs from the bravery of its children, but in its children's veins runs the angry blood over the unbelievable things that happened to us.”

The March of the Living is set to begin Monday afternoon, and will be broadcast live on Arutz Sheva's web site.