Livni: I will Streamline Court Proceedings

New Justice Minister says: "When the wheels of justice grind too slowly, there is no justice!"

Gil Ronen,

Minister Tzipi Livni
Minister Tzipi Livni
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni (Hatnua) says that she intends to streamline the justice system.

"When I entered the role of justice minister," she wrote on her Facebook page, "I said that when the wheels of justice turn too slowly – there is no justice!"

"Shortening the processes that remain in the courts for many years is an important mission, in my eyes. Based on an initial assessment that I carried out since the government was formed, this is a very complex challenge, but it is worth every effort that is made, and every creative solution adopted for the benefit of the citizens, are worth it."

Livni also wrote about her mixed feelings and thoughts regarding the end-of-Pesach Mimouna celebrations by Moroccan Jews, which have become an occasion for political pilgrimages. She said that while the political need for attending Mimouna celebrations is regrettable, she does feel some satisfaction from the way the celebration has become deeply rooted in Israeli society.

"Mostly," she explained, "because this is a tradition that comes from a group that – when it came to Israel – faced demands to leave behind a fabulous tradition and turn into a rootless […] Sabra. That was a mistake and we all paid for it."

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