Bennett: We Are 100% Behind Netanyahu

Bayit Yehudi chairman: The campaign is behind us, the negotiations are behind us, and we'll all stand behind Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski,

Bennett speaks to Bayit Yehudi members
Bennett speaks to Bayit Yehudi members
Yoni Kempinski

The members of the Bayit Yehudi Knesset faction met Sunday, for their first full meeting as members of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's government.

During the meeting party chairman Naftali Bennett finalized the appointments party members will receive in the government.

Bennett emphasized during the meeting that now that the long coalition negotiations are over, his party will be 100% behind Netanyahu.

“The campaign is behind us, the negotiations are behind us,” he told Arutz Sheva. “We’ve got one prime minister: Prime Minister Netanyahu. We’ll all stand behind him and we’re going to strengthen Israel and work hard to make a better Israel.”

Under the coalition agreements, the Bayit Yehudi will receive the following roles: Bennett will be Economics and Trade Minister, and will also be responsible for the Religious Affairs Ministry, with the deputy minister, Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, expected to handle the Ministry's day to day affairs. Bennett will also hold the Diaspora Affairs Ministry.

MK Uri Ariel, number two on the Bayit Yehudi list, will be Housing Minister, and have Ministry responsibility for the Israel Lands Administration. MK Uri Orbach will be Minister for Elderly Affairs.

MK Avi Wortzman will be appointed as Deputy Minister of Education. MK Nissan Slomiansky will head the Knesset’s Finance Committee, while MK Ayelet Shaked will be the faction’s chairwoman.

Referring to his appointment as Diaspora Affairs Minister, Bennett told Arutz Sheva, “I think that the reality of Jews around the world is a fact, and it’s not only about bringing them to Israel but about connecting to them wherever they live. It’s our responsibility to be not only the state of the Israeli citizens but of all the Jewish people around the world, and I intend to stand up to that challenge.”