Officials: New Car Import Rules Could Help Cut Prices

Starting Sunday, Israelis will be able to perform personal import for vehicles from Canada, hopefully leading to lower vehicle prices

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David Lev,

Cars (illustrative)
Cars (illustrative)
Arutz Sheva

Starting Sunday, Israelis will be able to import cars from Canada under the state's “personal import scheme.” Until now, only vehicles from the U.S. and several European countries were eligible for personal import status.

The change means that Israelis or new immigrants seeking to import a vehicle sold in North America will now have the opportunity to make a better deal, as they will be able to shop at more dealers for vehicles.

Individuals who import vehicles from Canada will also not have to make adjustments to the safety and lighting systems in the car under the new provisions, as they do for vehicles imported from the U.S. The result will be a significant savings for buyers of such vehicles, as they will be able to avoid having the systems realigned before customs releases them for registration.

In a separate rule change, Israelis who import vehicles under personal import rules will be able to sell their vehicles after just one year. Previously, vehicles could not be sold for two years. The changes, said customs officials, will help increase competitiveness in the used and new car markets, hopefully cutting prices for purchasers of vehicles from local dealers as well, since there will be more choice and buying opportunities for purchasers of new and almost new vehicles.