Arutz Sheva Show Hosts Guest Star in Purim Music Video

Walter Bingham and Ben Bresky of Israel National Radio guest star in a wacky Purim video.

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Walter Bingham Purim video
Walter Bingham Purim video
Betzalel Studios

Two show hosts from Arutz Sheva – Israel National Radio guest star in a unique Purim video. Walter Bingham, the host of Walter’s World, stars as King Ahashverosh and Ben Bresky, the host of the Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast, stars as Mordechai.

The video depicts historic figures from the Purim story as unexpected guests at a modern-day Purim party. The song Disguise, on which the video is based, was written and performed by Israeli based singer-songwriter Yerachmiel Ziegler. It was filmed in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem and uses local actors. The filming and editing was completed by King David Studio and Betzalel Studio.

Yakir Betzalel, who helped direct the video, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the project. “We want to produce good quality music and broadcast to the whole world,” he stated.

Assaf Pney-El, who worked on production and acted in the video is also involved with a production team called the Ar El Group. The group has been conducting video projects in Gush Etzion and other locations throughout Israel on both religious themes, satire and other issues.

For the full interview, download the Israel Beat Jewish Music podcast by clicking here


Walter’s World with Walter Bingham is a magazine style radio show that features interviews with political figures and human interest stories from the Jewish World. For show archives click here.  

The Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcast features interviews with local Israeli musicians and international Jewish singers. For archives click here.