Temple-Era Sage's Tomb Defaced Near Tzfat

Tomb of Yonatan Ben Uziel was desecrated, possibly by Druze.

Gil Ronen ,

Tomb of Yonatan Ben Uziel
Tomb of Yonatan Ben Uziel
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Unidentified vandals caused damage to the tomb of Second Temple era sage Yonatan Ben Uziel Saturday. The tomb is located near Amuka, in the vicinity of Tzfat, in the Upper Galilee.  

The vandals smashed a sink and tore down a mechitza that separates men and women's prayer sections.

The walls of the structure that holds the grave were covered with black spray-painted graffiti that said "Druze price tag" and "Nebi Hader will not be neglected."

Nebi Hader is a Druze saint, but it is not clear how he ties into the matter.

The Tzfat Police had not yet made any arrests in the case by 8:00 p.m. Saturday.

Yohanan Ben Uziel was the greatest student of Hillel the Elder, who was one of the greatest sages of the Second Temple era. Visits to tomb are believed to be helpful in finding partners for marriage, and for fertility.