Shas Apologizes for Attack on Bennett

Shas co-chairman Eli Yishai called MK Uri Ariel and apologized for an article that appears in Shas's publication.

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Gil Ronen,

Minister Eli Yishai
Minister Eli Yishai
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Shas co-chairman, Minister Eli Yishai, called MK Uri Ariel (Bayit Yehudi) and apologized in advance for an editorial article that is about to be distributed in synagogues Friday. The article in Shas's weekly pamphlet, Miyom Leyom, calls Bayit Yehudi head Naftali Bennett "the man with the eye-sized kippah" and added that "this kippah is, indeed, worth half a shekel."

The article also questioned Bennett's ability to appreciate Torah study.

"I am very sorry for these words," Yishai told Ariel Thursday, according to Maariv. "They were not written with my consent. This is not our path. As far as these matters are up to me, these things will not happen again."

MK Ariel thanked Yishai for the apology and said: "It is time to stop this ugly thing. It is proper and desirable that there be an apology for the previous statements, so that we can work in cooperation in the future for the benefit of the nation and the Land."

Ariel was most likely referring to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's attack on the Jewish Home during the election season. Bayit Yehudi has demanded an apology for the attacks.