Haifa: Airport Cleared for Security Reasons

Plane owners told to clear the airport for security reasons. Move may be connected to new anti-missile installation.

Maayana Miskin,

Airplane landing at Ben Gurion - illustrative
Airplane landing at Ben Gurion - illustrative
Flash 90

Plane owners in Haifa were informed Wednesday morning that they would need to clear their planes from the parking area until 11 a.m. The order was given for unspecified security reasons.

Army Radio (Galei Tzahal) confirmed the report, but did not give a reason for the order.

The temporary change to airport security may have been connected to the reported installation in northern Israel of a third Iron Dome anti-missile system. The system shoots down rockets aimed at Israeli civilian areas.

The IDF spokesperson’s office issued a statement saying, “A solution has been found for civilian flight in the Haifa region. Due to the nature of the matter we will not give details regarding the IDF’s operational preparation.”

Last month a first Iron Dome system was stationed in Haifa. The system was moved north due to growing concerns over the fate of Syria’s chemical weapons, which it is feared could fall into terrorist hands as unrest in the country continues.