Syria Planned Attack in Mecca – Report

Arab newspaper says Syrian consulate in Saudi Arabia planned a terror attack during pilgrimages.

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Gil Ronen,

Syrian fighter
Syrian fighter

The regime of Bashar al-Assad planned to execute a terror attack in Mecca several months ago, according to a person who served in the Syrian consulate in Saudi Arabia.

The former diplomat, Imad al-Haraki, told Arab newspaper Al Hayat that Saudi security forces learned of the plot on October 23. The Saudis found that 20 Hizbullah operatives were in direct contact with the Syrian consulate at Jedda.

Based upon this evidence, the Saudis expelled three consulate employees on October 25.

The Syrian consul then allegedly contacted Haraki, who was in Thailand at the time, and instructed him to carry out the attack during the holiday pilgrimages to Mecca.