Official: Voters Sick and Tired of Likud Waffling

In Migron, they're convinced that the best way to preserve their community is through a strong Bayit Yehudi

David Lev ,

Demolition of mikveh at Migron
Demolition of mikveh at Migron
Binyamin Residents' Council

In Migron, they're convinced that the best way to preserve their community is through a strong Bayit Yehudi. “Migron taught us that we need a strong ideological party that can direct policy, and not be considered a third wheel,” said Shuky Seth, the chairman of the Migron local council, referring to the small number of MKs from the National Union who tried to prevent the evacuation of Migron and other communities. “We are very happy to see that the people who support us have an address, and they have taken the party to a high level of support,” he said.

“We hope to be able to prevent further evacuations, like at Givat Assaf,” another new community the government is seeking to dismantle, he added.

Seth expressed disappointment that the Likud has not yet adopted the Levi Commission report. The Commission, headed by former High Court judge Edmond Levi, recommended authorizing the vast majority of new communities and outposts, and declared that they did not violate Israeli or international law. He said that with a strong Bayit Yehudi in the government, it's much more likely that Levi report would be adopted as government policy. “The Bayit Yehudi members are honest and have integrity, and they do not waffle on their positions. It's very possible that with them in the government, things will be different regarding the report.”

Seth added that "many rightwing voters were sick and tired of seeing the parties they choose to represent them" failing to follow through on campaign promises over fear of the international community's reactions. “Many of the Likud's voters are ideologically rightwing who believe in the idea of the Land of Israel's wholeness. They do intend to support a party that uproots Jews from their homes in their homeland. The Bayit Yehudi's prospective MKs are not opportunists, and will go through with their beliefs fully,” he added.