Netanyahu Launches Preemptive Snowball Strike

The Netanyahus engage in snowy photo-op. Younger Netanyahu challenges father with unconventional snowball.

Gil Ronen ,

Netanyahu's preemptive strike
Netanyahu's preemptive strike
Prime Minister's Facebook page

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu endured a snowball assault mounted by his elder son Yair on Thursday, in the yard of the prime minister's official home in Jerusalem.


A photograph  and short footage published by the Prime Minister's Office on Netanyahu's Facebook page show Netanyahu giggling and mounting a preemptive snowball strike at Yair, who had developed his snowball making capability and was holding an unconventionally sized piece of snow in his hand.

While the Prime Minister's attack failed to destroy his son's snow weapon, it may have thrown Yair off balance, and Binyamin Netanyahu was able to withstand the ensuing strike by his son. 

Sarah Netanyahu also took part in the photo-op, as did younger son Avner, who built a snowman.