Israel-Based Show Rates #1 in New York

Aaron Klein is most listened-to personality on weekend evening radio.

Maayana Miskin,

Aaron Klein
Aaron Klein
Israel news photo: PR

The Aaron Klein Investigative Radio broadcast, a show broadcast from Israel, has hit a new ratings milestone in New York. Aaron Klein was ranked the most listened-to radio personality on weekend evenings among men age 35 and over, beating out even sports channels and the competitive all-news stations.

Klein broadcasts his show from Israel. The show, on WABC Radio, focuses on US news, politics and foreign affairs. He blends talk radio with investigative journalism.

Klein has worked as a journalist for many years, and continues to double as the senior reporter for the WND website.

He has also written several books, including  “The Manchurian President ” and "The Late Great State of Israel". His most recent book, "Fool Me Twice" made the New York Times bestsellers list for five straight weeks this past summer.

Aaron Klein Investigative Radio was recently one of two weekend shows to make the Talkers Magazine “Heavy Hundred” list of top radio shows. “This clearly demonstrates that there is hunger for live weekend talk radio programming if the content is compelling, exclusive, news-oriented and entertaining,” Klein told Talkers.