Soldiers Successfully Complete Mission, Terrorist Detained

Soldiers faced off against rioters as they searched for several Islamic Jihad terrorists in an Arab village near Jenin

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David Lev,

Arabs rioting / archive
Arabs rioting / archive
Israel news photo: Flash 90

IDF soldiers and Border Guards on Tuesday night successfully completed a mission in an Arab village near Jenin, in northern Samaria (Shomron), where they arrested several terrorists associated with Islamic Jihad. The soldiers, who were operating in the village of Tammun, are all accounted for and have left the village, after putting down a fierce riot by residents of the village.

The riots began earlier Tuesday, when IDF soldiers operating undercover entered the village to arrest the Islamic Jihad terrorists. During the operation, word spread in the village that Israeli soldiers were present, and a riot broke out. Soldiers began firing at the rioters, while continuing to search for the terrorists.

Four soldiers were lightly injured in the riots. Local sources said five Arabs were injured as a result of the IDF's defensive action.

An IDF spokesperson confirmed that the soldiers and Border Guards had exited the village, and that they had a number of the Islamic Jihad terrorists in custody. The spokesperson said that the incident was not “unusual,” and that the soldiers had not been in danger.