Heads of Yesha AuthoritiesThrow Their Support Behind Netanyahu

"We are aware that the PM is under pressure from abroad and from home but we believe that he will do everything for the Yesha communities."

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Annie Lubin,

Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu

After a nightmare week for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, during which his outspoken comments against Jewish Home's Naftali Bennett seemed to have taken seats away from the Likud-Beytenu party, it seems that on Wednesday night Netanyahu may have gotten a much needed boost in the form of a promise by heads of Yesha Regional authorities to lend their support to his campaign.

The Prime Minister initiated a meeting with the heads of regional authorities in Judea and Samaria, as he sought their support and political backing in the elections which are one month away.

While those present had many questions for Netanyahu and voiced a number of grievances, Yesha municipal and regional heads promised they would lend their support to Netanyahu and his party.

During the meeting, the name of Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett came up, specifically Likud's reaction to his comments regarding the expulsion of Jews from their homes. Bennett said in a recent interview that if he were in the IDF and given orders to expel Jews from their homes, he would ask not to participate. Likud then strongly attacked Bennett, saying there is no room for disobedience in the IDF and that as a politician Bennett must lead by personal example and that someone in his position should never have uttered such comments.

Judea and Samaria regional heads told Netanyahu they were not pleased by the party's personal and public attacks against Bennett, saying they viewed the attacks as an assault on the national camp as well, and that the attacks definitely cost Likud votes in the upcoming elections.

"Jewish Home party is a 'sister party' of Likud and so instead of criticizing the party and Bennett, we must focus on more important things, like authorizing Beit Ezra in Hevron, and authorizing the Levy report," one member said.

When those present asked Netanyahu why Likud waged this war against Bennett, Netanyahu remained silent and coalition chairman Ze'ev Elkin responded for him saying, "Bennett started it."

Yet despite their dissaproval of the Bennett/Netanyahu clash that is playing out in the media, the Yesha officials agreed that Netanyahu would be best to lead the country during the next term.

The Mayor of Efrat, Oded Revivi, said, "Despite the justified criticism against Netanyahu over the construction freeze, Netanyahu is the Prime Minister who after 12 years of a freeze granted Efrat - the capital of Gush Etzion - massive building permits and allowed us to expand and grow."

Head of the Beit El Council, Moshe Rosenbaum, said that although the past four years have not been easy, "we put the hard things behind us, like the evacuation of Migron and Ulpana and we're looking at the glass half-full."

"We are aware that the Prime Minister is under pressure from abroad and from home but we believe that he will do everything for the Jews of Judea and Samaria," added Rosenbaum.