Lights, Camera, Chanukah!

Many musical & humorous clips can be seen on the web these days. One Chabad video presents the basic and essential "how to" for Hanukkah.

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The Yahaduton Hanukkkah Clip
The Yahaduton Hanukkkah Clip

The "Yahaduton" channel launched a video clip for Hanukkah titled “How to light Chanukah candles”. The video, narrated by Robert Keit, explains in detail how to light the Menorah and the reasons to celebrate Hanukkah.

The “How to” clip was launched in Hebrew, English, Russian, French and German, and will be distributed by thousands of Chabad emissaries, called Shluchim.

The well-known series "Yahaduton" is a comprehensive guide to contemporary Jewish life. Several videos and booklets on many mitzvot were published in the past year in Hebrew. The series is intended to provide practical guidance for everyone who wants to keep the commandments and lead a Jewish life.
Following the success of these projects, the publishers of the popular Dorothy series decided to launch a special channel on YouTube, where a series of videos will explain clearly how to keep the mitzvahs on a daily basis.
In addition to to the Hanukkah clip, "Yahaduton" has produced clips on how to put on tefillin, how to light Shabbat candles, how to make kiddush, and coming soon -- how to put on a tallit, how to bake challah, how to attached a mezuzah, and more.
“The purpose of the "Yahaduton" channel is a new phase in Hafotzas Hamaayanos (the Chabad term for spreading Torah worldwide), where every Jew can watch free video tutorials on all of the commandments required to observe a Jewish life," said Rabbi Shmuel Bistritzky, the founder and writer of "Yahaduton".