UN Conspires to Oust Jewish Group from PA Vote

UN conducted "an intense campaign of exclusion and disenfranchisement” to ban prominent Jewish group from events.

Rachel Hirshfeld ,

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas with U.N. Sec.-Gen.
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas with U.N. Sec.-Gen.

In yet another example of the United Nations’ bias against Israel, the international body’s “Division for Palestinian Rights” (DPR) sent a letter to its pass office yesterday asking that it withdraw passes issued to a prominent Jewish organization, while it “pack[ed] the Assembly” with so-called “Palestine” supporters, Breitbart.com reported.

Upon receiving the request, UN security officials revoked the passes, which had already been printed and handed to 23 pro-Israel Jewish young adults, who were part of an educational program associated with the Taglit-Birthright Israel alumni community.

“The Jewish group had requested passes for November 29, 2012 to attend separate events: the ‘UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People’ in the morning and the General Assembly debate on ‘The Question of Palestine’ which commences at 3 p.m. in the afternoon,” according to Breitbart.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is beseeching the UN to grant the PA Observer status, thus enabling it to achieve de facto status as a sovereign state and effectively circumvent final status negotiations with Israel.

The aforementioned “Solidarity Day” refers to the annual event that takes place on the anniversary of the General Assembly vote of November 29, 1947 to partition Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab state.

The 1947 UN resolution was immediately rejected by all Arab countries, who then waged war against the newly established State of Israel in an effort to wipe it off the map and obliterate any reality of Jewish statehood. The resolution was joyfully welcomed by the majority Jewish establishment.

While “Solidarity Day” is widely advertised on the UN website, with the words “NGO’s are invited to attend”, the DPR, through “a flurry of phone calls and emails… conducted an intense campaign of exclusion and disenfranchisement” against the Jewish group,” Breitbart reported.

According to the site, the DPR claimed that the NGO had “bypassed” the Division registration process and that it was “not accredited to the Palestinian Rights Committee and has not received an invitation to attend the morning meeting.” 

“In light of the fact that the meeting is advertised on the UN website itself as open to all NGOs, a lack of accreditation by this particular committee or special directed invitation was never a condition of attendance,” the site explained.

The department further claimed that the NGO “has proved disruptive and negative in the past.”  

More likely, however, is that the “UN secretariat’s letter boldly indicates the double-standards they concocted for pro-Israel and anti-Israel would-be attendees,” Breitbart revealed. 

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