Likud Primaries Sunday: will Feiglin be an MK?

Head of Jewish Leadership faction has a good chance of making it into the 19th Knesset.

Gil Ronen,

Moshe Feiglin
Moshe Feiglin
Flash 90

The Likud will hold its primaries Sunday, and the head of the Jewish Leadership faction, Moshe Feiglin, may finally make it into the Knesset after years in which this goal was denied him.

Feiglin has been crowned by pundits as one of the most influential people in Israeli politics despite the fact that he has never been a Knesset member. The Jewish Leadership faction is a solid bloc within Likud that has lent its support to MKs whom it sees as loyal to the idea of the Land of Israel. The faction is credited by many for influencing the current makeup of the Likud Knesset team and keeping it from veering too far to the left.

This time, however, Feiglin's camp is mostly focused on getting their leader into the Knesset, rather than supporting others. In the previous Likud primaries, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu succeeded in executing bureaucratic moves that denied Feiglin a realistic spot on the list. This time around, analysts say his chances of success are excellent.

Feiglin has told supporters in an email that he intends to emphasize family values in his Knesset activity. He may be the sole Knesset candidate who has written articles on the subject from a conservative point of view. Feiglin has said that by insisting that all forms of family are legitimate, the Left has emptied the term 'family' of content. He also pointed to what he sees as an emasculation of Israeli society, in an article about Tel Aviv titled "a City without Men."

Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Dahan, who is high on the Jewish Home list, has also said he will spearhead the fight for the family.

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