Nasrallah: Ground Assault on Gaza is 'Stupid'

Any attempt by Israel to launch a ground assault against Hamas is a "stupid mistake", according to Hizbullah's leader.

Elad Benari,


Hizbullah’s leader said on Saturday that any attempt by Israeli forces to launch a ground assault against Hamas in Gaza would be a miscalculated step.

“The Israelis will commit a stupid mistake if they decide to launch a ground operation against Gaza,” Hassan Nasrallah said during a live speech on Saturday, according to a report in NOW Lebanon.

“The resistance in Gaza has acquired power, determination, and planning capabilities and has filled [strategic] gaps,” he claimed.

Nasrallah also said that firepower possessed by Hamas terrorists was putting Israelis increasingly on edge.

“The [Palestinian] resistance is until now capable of firing rockets on Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other places… The Israeli enemy is disturbed, anxious and in retreat,” he claimed.

He also addressed the Arab League emergency meeting in Egypt, criticizing the discussions, which focused on adopting retaliatory measures against Israel.

“The most important thing discussed during this meeting was the need for punishing Israel, but no one proposed how these measures will be enforced,” said Nasrallah.

He voiced hope that the Arab League would “adopt the right position to bring the aggression against Gaza to an end without allowing some countries to put pressure on the resistance.”

Since the IDF’s Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza started on Wednesday, Hamas has made several false claims about damages it has supposedly done to Israeli cities and soldiers. These include claiming that one of its missile directly hit Tel Aviv and the Knesset, and that Hamas terrorists brought down Israeli fighter jets and warships.

In response, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit has put together and distributed several videos which present the truth and disprove the Hamas lies.

On Saturday, the Hamas government headquarters, which housed Gaza "prime minister" Ismail Haniyeh's offices, were leveled to the ground. In addition, "security compounds, tunnels and electricity transformers" were hit, according to Al Jazeera.

According to statistics published by the IDF on Saturday night, 824 rockets have been fired at Israel over the past several days, 243 of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system. 100 of those rockets have landed in Gaza itself.

At the same time, IAF aircraft, using precise intelligence, have succeeded in hitting no less than 900 terrorist targets in the four days of the operation.

On Saturday, the head of the IDF’s Southern Command, Tal Russo, indicated that the IDF is not ruling out a ground operation in Gaza.