Sderot 4th-Grader Tells Peres, ’We Live in Fear’

“We were born 'children of red',” a Sderot child tells Peres, referring to Color Red siren that rules their lives under rocket attacks.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Peres visits Sderot school
Peres visits Sderot school
Israel news photo: Office of Preisdent/Amos ben Gershom

“We were born 'children of red',” a Sderot fourth-grade girl told President Shimon Peres Wednesday, referring to the Color Red siren that rules their lives and warns them of rocket attacks.

“We are children who live in fear that at anytime, we will hear a siren and have to leave the playground and our friends and run to bomb shelters,” sad Chen Malchiel, who spoke on behalf of religious school students during the president’s visit.

She told him, “We run to bomb shelters of four walls, without windows, which are very unpleasant.”

Chen thanked President Peres for coming to see their suffering first hand and took his hand to show him the shelters.

She concluded, “We look to G-d and to you, our honorable president, to do something so there will be peace and quiet and securiy.”

Peres told the children, “I come here as a grandfather who knows the pain of your mothers who do not know what it is to sleep at night. You should know that you are the source of strength and might of the People of Israel. You should know that all of the children of the country are proud of you. You are brave children who live in an abnormal situation.”

In a tour with foreign media, Peres said that Hamas is totally responsible for “the insufferable situation of missiles on Israel.”

“It is their responsibility to control terrorist cells that operate under their nose and with their quiet agreement,” the president said.

He added his voice to a growing number of political leaders who have called for a halt of funds to Gaza. “The world justifies transferring money to Gaza, led by the ‘generous’ emir of Qatar, [but] the world must understand that in the current situation, money is Gaza is equivalent to terror,” he charged.

The emir of Qatar recently became the first foreign leader to visit Hamas in Gaza since it took control of the region from the rival Fatah faction more than four years ago. The emir came with a $250 million check and a promise of more aid.