Video: Peres Says Jewish Moms Want to Sleep Next to Their Babies

In an interview with CNN, Israeli President Shimon Peres vows to stop rockets from Gaza terrorists by any means possible. <br/>

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu,

Sderot woman cries after Kassam attack (file)
Sderot woman cries after Kassam attack (file)
Arutz Sheva photo: Flash 90

If Hamas wants Gazan mothers to sleep beside their babies, they also have to let Jewish mothers do the same, President Shimon Peres told CNN Monday.

Gaza terrorists to attack Israel with rockets and missiles Tuesday, despite an announced ceasefire. The Iron Dome system intercepted a Grad missile aimed at Ashdod, and three other rockets exploded in open areas.

Hamas allows “a permissiveness to kill,” President Peres said. “If they want to run their lives properly and serve their people properly, they cannot be permissive in killing and shooting at us… They cannot afford that a million mothers do not have a night’s sleep because they have to watch to their babies not hit by rockets. No country in the world would allow this.”

Asked  how Israel will respond,” the president replied, “We will try to stop it by all the means we can mobilize and we can use. They don’t think we are defenseless. We are careful to respect human life, and we shall be careful.

But if they want that Gaza mothers can sleep at night, they must understand that all mothers want to sleep at night with their babies.”