Lapid: If Lieberman is Defense Minister, I'm Out

Head of Yesh Atid party says he will not sit in government that won't renew PA talks.

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Gil Ronen,

Yair Lapid
Yair Lapid
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The chairman of the Yesh Atid (Future) party, Yair Lapid, said Saturday that he would not sit in a government in which Avigdor Lieberman serves as Minister of Defense.

There has been some talk in the past two weeks about the possibility that Lieberman would receive the Defense portfolio in the next government. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that Lieberman could choose among the three senior portfolios in the government, including the Defense portfolio.

"We will not enter any government that does not return to the diplomatic negotiations table, which will not change the system, and which will not seriously work on the subjects that occupy the middle class," Lapid said in a live public interview.

Lapid is a journalist whose father, Yosef Lapid, was also a journalist who turned into a politician in his old age, and served as Justice Minister.