Interest Booming: Harish 'Not Only a Haredi City'

Real Estate managers of the yet-to-be built city of Harish report that interest is growing among orthodox and secular alike.

Annie Lubin,

Developers are very happy with the interest i
Developers are very happy with the interest i
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Be'emuna Ltd., the national-religious real estate company which is currently managing the sale of homes in the yet to be built new city of Harish, is reporting that interest in the new city is greater than expected, and as closings come to an end in two weeks, developers and managers are very pleased with the potential of the place.

Be'emuna is reporting that its former plan to build 300 housing units on two plots of land has been exceeded as more than 350 families have signed up so far for the new housing, making Be'emuna intent on developing more land outside of the two zones already set for construction.

Be'emuna's marketing manager, Ronen Weil, says that interest is only growing. "Since our announcement that our intention is to cultivate Harish, we have received thousands of inquiries from families who wanted to explore the possibility of joining the project. Now we are two weeks from the end of registration and we have already surpassed the number of applicants we were hoping for -- 300. I'm sure that in the upcoming two weeks more and more families who understand that Harish is the best real estate opportunity in the coming years will join us," said Weil.

Be'emuna has also reported that the secular-aimed project "Our Harish," which it also manages, has already registered 150 families and says that more than 1,500 people have expressed a serious interest in the project.

"Today it is clear that Harish will not only be a haredi city. Hundreds of those who signed up and thousands of those who expressed interest from both the secular and the religious world are evidence that Harish is open to anyone who wishes to join," says Weil.

Israel Avital, a secular resident of Ramat Gan and one of the leaders of "Our Harish", said he has no reservations about having secular and  orthodox living side by side. "People need to understand that there are no conditions set here and that nowhere is it written that it's for haredim only and therefore there is no reason that Harish will be orthodox. It is important to understand that the buying power of the secular community is far greater than the buying power of the orthodox community but the orthodox community is far more organized therefore we have partnered up with Be'emuna, who has already managed big real estate projects in the past, and together we are working to realize the potential purchasing power on the secular in Harish."

Prices for both projects start from 590,000 NIS for a three-room apartment and about 660,000 NIS for a four-room apartment.

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