Nutrition: Stay-at-Home Meals!

There is much value in homemade family meals - and it is not just the taste.

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Nili Abrahams, CHHC, | updated: 23:51

Vegetables grown in Israel
Vegetables grown in Israel
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The year starts now with all those Yom Tov meals behind us to plan and focus on getting back to the wellness track. As a Health Coach, I regularly ask my clients, what percentage of the food they eat is homemade and how often do they either grab and run or buy fast or prepared foods.

We know there is a strong relationship between the percentage of homemade food one eats and good health.

Do you find yourself grabbing a bureka and a coffee each morning? Are you too busy to pack a nutritious lunch or too tired to prepare a wholesoome dinner for you and your family?

The benefits of cooking and eating at home touch all our senses. Seeing the exquisite colours of fresh fruit and vegetables while smelling the classic combination of sautéed onion and garlic is designed to lead us to cultured taste adventures. If possible, walk through a farmer’s market where you can touch and pick seasonal produce. Pick one new fruit or vegetable and learn how to prepare it, like Swiss Chard, Kale or Avocado. Bring these treasures home and commit to eating as a family unit.

Numerous studies have shown that investing in eating together reap huge dividends. The more often families eat together, the less likely kids are to smoke, drink, do drugs, get depressed, develop eating disorders and consider suicide, and the more likely they are to do well in school, eat their vegetables, learn big words and know which fork to use.

In a recent Time Magazine article, Robin Fox, an anthropologist who teaches at Rutgers University in New Jersey, tells us about the mysterious way that that family dinner engraves our souls. She says that "a meal is about civilizing children. It's about teaching them to be a member of their culture."

The path to nutricious family meals may seem daunting at first. So take it slow, adding one new food item at a time for

And remember you can choose your best life one step at a time.

Nili Abrahams, Certified Holistic Health Coach at ChooseLifeNutrition, integrating Health and Wellness with Torah’s Wisdom.