Romney Takes First Lead in Electoral College

Electoral college predictions find that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a 206 to 201 advantage over Obama.

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Elad Benari, Canada,


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took his first lead in electoral college predictions this week, according to Real Clear Politics.

The website shows that Romney has a 206 to 201 advantage over President Barack Obama and that 151 electoral votes left as toss-ups.

The toss-up states are Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Hampshire, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, and Nevada, according to the predictions.

Indiana, North Carolina, Colorado, and Florida, states which Obama won in 2008, all appear to lean statistically toward Romney, poll averages found.

Meanwhile, a new poll released Thursday shows Romney leading in Pennsylvania, a state that Republicans had all but written off just weeks ago.

Susquehanna Polling and Research provided The Washington Examiner with a poll it conducted for state party officials, that shows Romney with a 49 percent to 45 percent lead over Obama.

It's the first poll to show Romney leading among likely voters in the Keystone State, which hasn't backed a Republican presidential candidate since 1988.

Every other Pennsylvania poll shows Obama ahead, noted The Washington Examiner, though by a narrowing margin. A Quinnipiac University poll taken around the same time as the Susquehanna poll shows Obama leading Romney 50 percent to 46 percent.

Friday's edition of Gallup's tracking poll found that Romney leads Obama by six points, 51 to 45 percent. A poll taken a day earlier found that Romney had a 52-45 lead over Obama.

As for Jewish voters, an IDB/TIPP daily tracking poll released Thursday went back to showing U.S. Jewish voters heavily favoring Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to Republican Mitt Romney.

The results for October 11 through 15 had raised some eyebrows, as they showed the two candidates neck-and-neck, and even gave Romney an occasional advantage.

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