U.S. Vice Presidential Debates Take Place Tonight

American newspapers and polling services chime in on what will take place at VP debate this evening.

Scott Krane ,

Vice President Joe Biden
Vice President Joe Biden
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On Wall Street Journal Live, WSJ reporter Peter Nichols gave a brief interview about the October 11 Vice Presidential debates.

“Romney gave lot of momentum coming off the presidential debate last week in Denver and Paul Ryan his running mate would like to sustain that by turning in a strong performance putting the vice president on the defensive, maybe hoping the vice commits a verbal slipup or gaffe…” he said.

When asked, “What are some of the point we will see from Joe Biden tonight?” Nichols told WSJ Live “…we’re going to see a confrontational style. A combative approach. Some of the passion and fighting spirit maybe that was missing from the president’s performance last week.” He said Vice President Biden would try to “tie Ryan to a conservative fiscal agenda.”

“What Ryan will do, first of all he has to show he has the stature to be on the stage with the sitting Vice President. He [Ryan] is a 42-year-old man, relatively young. Biden is 69 he has run for president twice…Ryan has to show there is not a stature gap…He has to go toe-to-toe with Biden.”

Meanwhile, according to Gallup, 44% of Americans view Biden favorably while 43% choose Ryan. “This contrasts with most other vice presidential pairings since 1992 when one candidate had higher favorable ratings than the other in advance of the election's vice presidential debate,” reported Gallup.

“At 44%, Biden has the lowest pre-debate favorable rating of any Democratic vice presidential candidate of the past six elections. At 43%, Ryan's favorable score is no better, but he is viewed more positively than Vice President Quayle was in 1992 and roughly on par with Cheney in 2000,” the report read.