Israel Not Reelected to Universal Postal Union

Israel’s delegation to the UPU Congress came too late.

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Netanyahu at Globes Conferece Dec. 13, 2010
Netanyahu at Globes Conferece Dec. 13, 2010
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A new report says that Israel has not been reelected to the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Council of Administration at the Universal Postal Congress at Doha, Qatar. For the past four years, Israel has served on the Administration Council. This year, Israel lost its rebid.

Israel’s delegation to the UPU Congress came late, after meetings had already commenced because of logistical confusion over security arrangements with the Qataris.

At an earlier UPU Congress meeting, the Palestinian Authority delegation requested direct delivery of mail instead of going through the Jewish state for delivery. The request was actually rejected, and the Palestinians continue to receive mail under their current arrangements with Israel, sources say. But it is still not clear how other nations will operate should they decide on independent initiatives to send mail directly to the Palestinian Authority, efforts which Israel has blocked, according to Globes.

According to the report, Israel's Postal Company feels that political considerations were responsible for the failure to win reelection to the Council of Administration, and that this is “part of the price Israel is paying for its diplomatic isolation.”

Other parties think Israel should have taken the “diplomatic risk” into consideration and made a better prepared reelection bid.