More MKs Call on Netanyahu to Fire Barak

Two more members of the Knesset are calling on PM Netanyahu to fire DM Barak for the "mistrust" he is causing within the party

Annie Lubin ,

Netanyahu must decide whether or not to fire
Netanyahu must decide whether or not to fire

More and more members of the Knesset are calling for Defense Minister Ehud Barak to be ousted as tensions grow between the DM and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

At a "Cultural Shabbat" event in Ramat HaSharon MK Faina Kirschenbaum attacked DM Ehud Barak for his recent behavior and the recent trouble he has been causing. 

MK Ayoob Kara also called on Netanyahu to fire Barak, "in order to make the post-elections transition of leading parties as smooth as possible," he said. "The mistrust that was created by the situation with Ehud Barak requires that the Prime Minister fire him before the dissolution of the Knesset," Kara said on Saturday.

 He also said Barak did not appreciate the backing and outstanding training given to him by the Prime Minister and called on Netanyahu to, "appoint a replacement as soon as possible."

These calls come only days after Maariv reported that Netanyahu nearly fired the Defense Minister this past week, citing sources close to Netanyahu who revealed that the Prime Minister was extremely displeased by Barak's recent official visit to the United States. Those close to Netanyahu claim the Prime Minister thought Barak used his trip to serve his own interests instead of those of the Prime Minister and that he tried to undermine Netanyahu and present separate and alternative solutions to some of the issues facing Israel and the United States.