Woman, 54, Escapes Apparent Arab 'Rape Ambush'

Channel 2: Arab man tried to rape the woman as five others looked on. Suspects apprehended.

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Gil Ronen,

Rape suspect (illustration)
Rape suspect (illustration)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Six Palestinian Authority (PA) Arabs took part in an attempt to ambush rape a Jewish Galilee woman Tuesday, police suspect.

The woman went on a morning walk in the fields near Sharona, not far from the Sea of Galilee, where she walks every morning. She then found herself in what appeared to be a planned ambush, according to TV Channel 2.

A man approached her and threw a rock that hit her head. She fell to the ground and he began trying to rape her. She then noticed five other Arab men looking on, apparently waiting for him to subdue her.

The woman fought the attacker with all her might and managed to call the police with her cell phone. This caused all six men to flee the location.

According to the report, Border Police volunteers were quick to reach the scene and caught the attacker, as well as five other suspects believed to be the onlookers. All are illegal aliens from the PA, aged 26 to 40.

The woman was hospitalized in light to medium condition at Haemek Hospital in Afula. The main suspect has implicated himself in the attack.