B'tselem's Latest Snitch Film Shows 'Head Butt'

Video shows Hevron Arab youths provoking and threatening IDF soldiers, who respond mildly.

Gil Ronen,

Soldiers in Hevron
Soldiers in Hevron
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A video filmed by B'tselem shows Hevron Arab youths provoking and threatening IDF soldiers, who respond relatively mildly. B'tselem, which specializes in besmirching Israel's presence in Judea and Samaria, claims the video shows a soldier "head butting" an Arab youth.

The video was uploaded to the internet Thursday. It shows an IDF officer manhandling an Arab youth in Hevron after a group of youths provokes soldiers, and in response to a threat uttered by the youth.

Overall, the behavior of the soldiers in the video is exceedingly mild. Largely because of leftist infiltration of Israel's legal systems, IDF officers are extremely wary of authorizing the use of live fire – a fact that emboldens the Arabs to provoke the soldiers with little fear.

This state of affairs can plainly be seen in the video: the Arab youths gather the courage to venture very near to the soldier in the first part of the video – much closer than a potentially hostile group of people would ever be allowed to come to an armed soldier in normal circumstances, if only because of the potential for seizing his weapon.

An officer is later seen leading one of the youths down the street. The youth threatens the soldier in broken Hebrew, causing the soldier to manhandle him and possibly butt heads with him.

The video is the result of one of B'tselem's flagship projects – the distribution of video cameras to Arabs who provoke IDF soldiers and then record their reactions, hoping to catch a violent moment which they can then present out of context as proof of Israel's meanness.

In this way, and with the collaboration of Israel's leftist-controlled press, B'tselem forced the dismissal of Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner from his position as Bik'a Brigade Deputy Commander in April. 

A member of B'tselem's board was appointed to head Hebrew University's Law School Thursday.