Arabs: Arab MKs Don't Represent Us Well

61.4% of Israeli Arabs, Druze say Arab MKs represent their interests badly or "so so."

Gil Ronen,

MK Ahmed Tibi
MK Ahmed Tibi
Flash 90

61.4% of Israel's Arabs have a less than favorable opinion of the way the Arab Knesset members represent the interests of Israeli Arabs, according to a new poll.  

The poll, by Prof. Avi Degani, asked participants: "In your opinion, do most of the leaders of the existing Arab parties in Israel represent the interests of the Arab sector in Israel well or badly?"

A total of 31.4% answered "very badly" or "badly." Another 30.4% said "so-so," while 30.7% answered "well" or "very well."

The poll identified Arabs aged 30-55, Arab women, educated people, people with intermediate-high earnings and Druze as the groups more likely to be dissatisfied with the Arab politicians.

Another interesting finding was the high value Arab Israelis place on maintaining the values of tradition and religion. Eighty four percent of the Arab population said this was "important" or "very important" – more than the percentage that saw "economic development" or "Israeli Jordanian peace" as important.

Regardless of Degani's poll, it is a fact that Israeli Arabs have been consistently voting extremist Arab parties like Balad, Raam and Taal into the Knesset since the mid-90s.