Eulogy for Terror Victim: ‘You’ll Always be my Brother’

Itzik Kolangi eulogized. “I’ll never forget you.”

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Coffins at the airport
Coffins at the airport
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Itzik Kolangi, 28, was buried Friday in Petach Tikva. Kolangi was among the victims of the terrorist attack on a tourist bus in Bulgaria.

His brother spoke at the funeral. “Thank you for being my brother,” he said. “You’ll always be my brother. I’ll never forget you.”

“I promise you that my family and I will take care of your wife Gilat and your daughter, Noya. She looks like you,” he continued.

“My dear brother, watch over us from Above,” he added.

Itzik’s wife Gila suffered life-threatening injuries in the attack. Her condition improved Friday, but she was unable to attend the funeral.

Later in the morning a second funeral began for Amir Menashe, 28, who was also killed in the attack. Amir and Itzik were friends and had planned the trip to Bulgaria together. Like Itzik, Amir left behind an infant. His son, Rom, is just ten months old.