CHE Says 'No' to Ariel University Status

Committee says Ariel will not be a fully fledged university at least until next year. Ariel: decision is "desperate and ridiculous."

Gil Ronen ,

Ariel University Center
Ariel University Center
Ariel University Center

The Committee for Planning and Budgeting in the Council for Higher Education (CHE) decided Wednesday that the Ariel University Center will not receive full university status – at least until next year.

The CHE will hold "an in depth analysis" of the matter and reach a decision in the course of 2013, it decided.

The CHE said that it cannot, at this point, change a decision made in 2006, according to which there is no need for establishing or recognizing an additional university in Israel at this time.

"The committee must first analyze the national need of the higher education system in the establishment of another university," the CHE stated. "If the committee's opinion is that the need exists, it must operate according to egalitarian guidelines and relevant criteria."

Ariel University Center reacted to the decision, saying that "As expected, the members of the Committee for Planning and Financing elected to ignore the report by the CHE, which determines that after 30 years of activity, Ariel University Center is university for all intents and purposes."

"The committee serves the old hegemony controlled by the heads of the seven universities, which operate for their own institutions' narrow interests, and are trying to thwart the growth of higher education in Israel at the expense of Israeli students and lecturers."

"We expect the Minister of Education not to surrender to the university heads' cartel and to make the proper decision for the good of all Israeli citizens."

"The university heads' cartel cannot stop progress, even if it wants to. Ariel University is a need and in actuality, it is already a fact. The attempt to postpone a rational and sane decision is desperate and ridiculous. What can an additional committee look into that the present one did not check in the course of seven years?"