MK Molla: 'I'm Quitting Coalition'

Kadima MK says he will start voting against the coalition, tells MKs to ask forgiveness from Livni.

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Gil Ronen,

MK Shlomo Molla
MK Shlomo Molla
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Knesset Member Shlomo Molla (Kadima) announced Tuesday he is leaving the coalition and will begin voting against it in Knesset votes. He said that he hopes that a majority of Kadima MKs will join him and called on them to "ask Tzipi Livni for forgiveness" for the way they treated the former chairwoman.

Molla's move follows Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's decision to disband the Plesner Committee that was to present new guidelines for enlisting hareidim and Arabs to the IDF and national service.

The anti-hareidi Kadima had hoped to present the recommendations of the committee, which was headed by Kadima MK Yohanan Plesner, as an achievement that justified joining the Likud-led coalition. The failure of the committee leaves Kadima looking stupid and humiliated, and polls predict that it will crash in the next elections.

Another Kadima member, MK Yisrael Hasson, told IDF Radio that he sees "no new promise" in Haim Ramon or Livni, who may join Ramon in a new party.

The Plesner Committee was disbanded after Yisrael Beytenu and the Jewish Home pulled out of it, because it announced it would only deal with enlisting hareidim, and not with enlisting Arabs.

Yisrael Beytenu Head Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday that his party intends to remain in the government and to propose an alternative formula for equality in enlistment. "A historic opportunity has formed her," he told IDF Radio. "There is a majority in the Knesset, in the public and in the media for a change in enlistment, so we will not compromise on partial enlistment."