Rare Gag Order on Tel Aviv Rape

Attorney for the youths attacked in Tel Aviv can't see the charge sheet against the Arab suspect.

Gil Ronen,

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv
Israel news photo: Flash 90

A court has placed a rare gag order on the severe sexual assault perpetrated in northern Tel Aviv in mid-May, involving an Arab attacker and two Jewish youths.

Not only the press, but even the attorney for the victims has been barred from viewing the charge sheet. In addition, the lawyer – Atty. Roni Aloni-Sedovnik – says that she was informed that the gag order itself is under a gag order, meaning that she cannot even be told the name of the judge who issued it.

Aloni-Sedovnik said that she has seen many cases in which the press was not allowed to publish details of an assault – but never one in which the attorney for the victims could not see the charge sheet.

The charge sheet has been circulating on the internet and describes an extremely severe assault.

Speaking on the Yisraeli Patrioti website, Aloni-Sedovnik said that the only reason she can think of for such a complete gag order could be security related. There has been speculation that the perpetrator was an Arab who collaborated with Israeli security forces and that they are therefore protecting him. She noted that his ID number appears to be Israeli, while he is from a village in Samaria, and hinted that he may have received it from the Shin Bet in return for collaboration.