IDF Officer Suspended for Firing on Attackers

An IDF officer has been suspended over a video showing him throwing stones, firing at the ground in response to a violent attack.

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Maayana Miskin,

Soldier fires rubber bullet (right)
Soldier fires rubber bullet (right)

An IDF commander has been suspended over a video that shows him throwing rocks and firing his gun in response to a violent attack from Palestinian Authority protesters.

The video was shot on Friday outside the PA town of Nabi Saleh, north of Jerusalem. The area is the scene of weekly riots.

PA men began lobbing heavy stones at the commander and his soldiers. Similar attacks have caused injury to soldiers in the past, including wounds requiring hospitalization and even death.

In response, the commander first used a smoke grenade, then began lobbing stones at the rioters in return. When they continued to attack, he fired at their feet. The attackers then ran off.

The far-left B’Tselem organization uploaded the video, which was created by a PA group calling itself the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee.

An IDF spokesperson confirmed that the video shows the IDF officer using live fire. The officer has been suspended until the incident can be thoroughly investigated, they said.