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Golden Dawn Party Spokesman Blames Victims of Televised Scuffle

Golden Dawn spokesman, who struck and threw a glass of water on female MPs, has threatened to sue his victims, claiming they provoked attack
By Rachel Hirshfeld
First Publish: 6/11/2012, 1:15 AM

Golden Dawn flag
Golden Dawn flag

The spokesman for the Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party, who struck and threw a glass of water on female Members of Parliament during a brawl on live television, has threatened to sue his victims, claiming they provoked his attack.

Ilias Kasidiaris has been in hiding since Thursday, when producers of the morning show reportedly locked him in a room at the studio, until police were scheduled to arrive to investigate the incident. Prior to their arrival, however, Kasidiaris broke down the door and escaped, resulting in a warrant for his arrest.

In a statement posted on Facebook on Saturday, he said he regretted his involvement in an incident that could damage the party's image ahead of the June 17 elections, but blamed the victims for his outburst.

"The events that took place on Thursday morning on Antenna TV'were staged with the sole aim of provoking an extreme reaction on my part," he wrote.

"I am sorry that without intending to, I got mixed up in a case that has confused public opinion and was aimed at hitting Golden Dawn,” he continued. “I will go the prosecutor in person to sue those behind the illegal actions that have taken place in the last two days."

He provided no further details and no comment was available from Golden Dawn officials, The Guardian noted.

Golden Dawn, a far-right, anti-immigrant, party whose symbol closely resembles a Nazi swastika, received approximately 7 percent of the vote in the May 6 elections.

The parties, however, failed to produce a coalition government, necessitating new elections on June 17.