Yesha Chief: Gov't Lying about Moving Houses

Danny Dayan: Givat HaUlpana homes cannot be taken apart and moved because of rocky ground.

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Gil Ronen,

Danny Dayan
Danny Dayan
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Yesha Council Head Danny Dayan scoffed Sunday at the government's promises to move the buildings of Givat HaUlpana in their entirety to a new location.

Dayan said the government was pulling the wool over the public's eyes and that any Coalition Minister or Knesset Member who fails to vote against the Regulation Law "should see himself as driving the demolition bulldozer."

The plan to "saw" the homes and move them to the new location is a bluff, he contended. Unlike the Kirya in Tel Aviv, where homes from the Templar neighborhood were moved a few years ago, the ground at Beit El is rocky, making the relocation of the buildings impossibility.

The promise to issue new permits for construction as "compensation" for the destruction is also a bluff, he said. Experience shows that while the demolition will take place on time, the plans for construction will be stuck in some clerk's desk for years.