Ulpana Homes May be Relocated in Entirety

Defense Ministry is examining the possibility of moving the houses to another plot, dozens of meters away.

Gil Ronen,

Givat HaUlpana
Givat HaUlpana
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Channel 2 television news reported Thursday evening that the Ministry of Defense is looking into the possibility of relocating the Givat HaUlpana neighborhood's homes in their entirety to a different plot, just dozens of meters away from their present location.

In this way, the neighborhood will be removed in accordance with the High Court's instructions, but scenes of destruction will be avoided.

According to the plan, the relocation will be carried out in the same way that the Templar neighborhood near HaKirya Base in Tel Aviv was relocated in 2007, during the renovation of Kaplan Street. The Dutch firm that performed that relocation has already been contacted.

MK Uri Ariel (National Union) responded to the report by saying: "I advise the Defense Ministry and the Prime Minister to stop floating unrealistic and hallucinatory ideas and start thinking of a true solution like the Legalization Law. Maybe they will finally understand what it means to truly rule, rather than being a puppet of the radical left."

A similar idea was suggested regarding the nine homes destroyed at Amona in 2006. Rav Hanan Porat z"l met with then-Attorney General Menachem Mazuz and offered, on behalf of the Amana settling movement, that Amana would pay for relocating the homes within several weeks to the nearby community of Ofra. The IDF agreed to the idea but the High Court rejected the offer.