GSS Cracks Terror Cells in Hevron

Israel's GSS and IDF broke up three terror cells operating in Hevron who carried out bombings, were planning kidnappings, and road attacks

Gabe Kahn ,

Terrorist Press Conference
Terrorist Press Conference

Security officials released Wednesday that the Shin Bet and IDF broke up three terror cells operating in Hevron.

One of the cells, affiliated with the Hamas military wing, was led by two 21-year-olds from Hebron, one of whom – Mahmoud Dwek – has been previously jailed for expressing a desire to serve as a suicide bomber in an attack against Israel.

The cell also planted a number of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) along the security fence surrounding the settlement of Kiryat Arba.

The cell was also planning to kidnap one of the Jewish residents of Hevron. If the kidnapping failed, they planned to murder the target.

The terrorists also admitted to throwing several Molotov cocktails at other settlements in the area – and studying IDF responses to the attacks.

The trio was indicted in the Judea Military Court on 10 May for membership in a terror organization, terror activity, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, and manufacturing explosive devices.

Another two Arabs from the Bethlehem area – both Fatah activists – were apprehended and found responsible for a 19 April IED attack against an Israeli car near Yata.

The Shin Bet said that the IED – disguised as a fire extinguisher – was highly sophisticated and was detonated with a mobile phone.

Taar Mahmoud Odallh Daoud, aged 26, a quarry worker in the Bethlehem area served as the head of the cell. Hind Issa Mohammad Mahamrah, also 26, admitted under questioning that he carried out the attack, and was in the process of collecting weapons for an attack on a train terminal.

Both men were indicted in the Judea Military Court on 22 May for numerous offenses, including the manufacture of explosive devises, possession of arms, trading in arms, training terror operatives, and more.

A third cell, consisting of four members, was involved in hurling stones at passing Israeli vehicles, and IDF soldiers and officials, on Route 60 near Halhul.

Among them, Islam Muhammad Jamal Na'amani Alaa El Din Natshe, aged 21, is a Hevron resident and the son of a imprisoned Hamas leader, Mohammed Jamal Natshe.

Officials stressed the seriousness of stone throwing incidents, noting that a stone thrown through the windshield in September 2011 resulted in the deaths of Jonathan Palmer and his infant son.

Three members of the cell were indicted in the Judea Military Court on 10 May for throwing objects at vehicles, people, and property. An indictment against the fourth member is expected in the coming days.