Givat Ulpana Residents Withdraw High Court Motion

A couple from the contested neighborhood decided to withdraw the motion against demolition.

Gil Ronen ,

Givat HaUlpana
Givat HaUlpana
Israel news photo: Flash 90

David and Yifat Abudraham, residents of the threatened Givat HaUlpana neighborhood, have withdrawn a motion they filed with the High Court two days ago, against the planned demolition of their home. 

The decision was made because the motion's chances of being accepted were deemed very low, and also because of "pressure" being applied to the couple.

The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, which helped file the motion, said that several Knesset members and public figures had asked the couple to withdraw the motion because it could negatively affect the schedule for advancing bills legalizing disputed Jewish construction.

The motion had appealed to the High Court to postpone a demolition order, arguing that the order violated the Basic Law that protects “human dignity.”

The motion also stated that the High Court justices acted unreasonably in ordering the demolition of the homes before a lower court decided a lawsuit over ownership of the land.

Sources in the Ministry of Defense said Tuesday that the Arab claiming to be the owner of the land that Givat HaUlpana was built on refuses to compromise over it. He has told authorities that even though he will not be able to build on the land, he has no intention of selling it. In the Palestinian Authority, Arabs who sell land to Jews are subject to the death penalty.