1,000 Youths Call for United Religious List

Religious Zionist youths sign petition initiated by National Union calling on NU, NRP to join forces.

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Gil Ronen,

Hershkowitz and Ketzaleh pledge unity (file)
Hershkowitz and Ketzaleh pledge unity (file)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

More than 1,000 religious Zionist youths have signed a petition calling on all religious Zionist MKs to join in a unified list for the next Knesset.

The petition was initiated by the young leadership of the National Union and has been circulating in high school yeshivas and ulpanas over the last two weeks.

"The religious Zionist public has been a partner in the state of Israel since its inception," the petition reads. "It serves in the army en masse, makes up a meaningful part of the IDF's command backbone, is active in all professions and fields, has established a high quality educational system and has had many achievements in all fields of life in the country."

"In order to bring Zionism back into the center of the political ring, in order to once again be influential and meaningful in Israeli society, in order to show the Israeli public that there is a Jewish alternative, we call on the parties – unite!"

"While there are disagreements between the factions," the petitioners conclude, "there is more uniting them than separating them. The gaps can be bridged. The general need has precedence over the points of dissent."

Assaf Danoch, Chairman of the NU's Young Leadership, added: "When we say everyone we mean everyone. Without going into disagreements and controversies, we call on everyone to unite under one list – 'The National Union / Jewish Home.'"