Arab MK: Hunger Strike Could Spark Intifada

A PA prisoners’ hunger strike could spark another wave of terrorism against Israel, Arab MK says.<br/>

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Maayana Miskin,

Terrorist Prisoners (illustrative)
Terrorist Prisoners (illustrative)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

The ongoing hunger strike among Palestinian Authority terrorists in Israeli prisons could spark a third round of “intifada” violence against Israel, Arab MK Jamal Zahalka said Saturday.

Zahalka spoke at a rally in support of the prisoners held in the Israeli Arab city of Kfar Kana. He said Israel is now experiencing “the calm before the storm,” but that everything could change if a prisoner dies.

The hunger strike terrorists are demanding that Israel reinstate privileges they enjoyed before the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit. Zahalka expressed support for their demand, arguing that the terrorists’ situation should have been restored to what it once was when Shalit was released.

Ten of the hunger strike prisoners have needed medical attention.

In early 2012 prisoner Khader Adnan went on hunger strike. After his health declined, Israel agreed to set him free. A female terrorist used similar tactics and was released to Gaza.

Hamas threatened Friday that they would target Israel if any of the hunger strikers die.