MK Danon Visits Mount of Olives Police Station

Police told lawmakers there has been a significant decrease in Jews being harassed in the area since the new station opened

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Gabe Kahn,

 on Mt. of OlivesMK Danny Danon
on Mt. of OlivesMK Danny Danon
Hezki Ezra

The Knesset Committee on Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora headed by MK Danny Danon (Likud) toured the new police station on the Mount of Olives.

“Jews must be able to visit every part of Jerusalem without fear,” Danon said prior to the tour. “Complaints of Arab violence towards Jews and Israelis on the Mount of Olives could not be left off the agenda.”

“The Knesset was asked to set up a police station here and it answered," he added.

The station, which was established to protect Jews who visit the Mount of Olives from harrassment and violence by local Arabs, is staffed by a contingent of 24 police officers, including five detectives, and a small detachment of border-police officers on hand to provide escorts for walking tours.

Police Lt. Commander David Hayon, who commands the Mount of Olives station, said there has been a significant reduction in the harassment of Jews visiting graves on the Mount of Olives since it opened just a few weeks ago.

"The public knows we are here and comes to file complaints," Hayon said. "There is a notable decrease in abuse. We have four new vehicles, have established observation posts and installed cameras, and in the future we will have a visitor's center."

The Ministry of Construction and Housing emphasized that there are currently 122 cameras active on the Mount of Olives with another 13 to be added next month.  A development project of NIS 20 million has also been allotted to develop security and tourism.

Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Housing Moshe Sovron noted that security guards are also monitoring the road to the site to ensure that funerals, mourners, and those visiting graves on the Mount of Olives are not harassed. 

However, Rabbi Elazar Geldstein, the director-general of the First Burial Society, says he was attacked by Arabs on the road.

"Why, in the heart of Jerusalem at noon, do you need a police escort for a convoy?" he asked.