Chief of Staff: IDF's 'Steely Arm' will Hit Back at Enemies

Maj. Gen. Gantz: "We are the defensive shield of the nation that will never again stand helpless and defenseless."

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Gil Ronen,

Lt. Gen. Gantz
Lt. Gen. Gantz
IDF Spokesman's Unit

Maj. Gen. Benny Gantz, IDF Chief of Staff, warned Israel's enemies Wednesday that any attempt to harm Israel will be met with a painful response.

"The IDF draws from the memory of Holocaust Remembrance Day military strength and moral resilience that directs it in every crossroad and leads it to victory time after time," Gantz said, in a ceremony at the Masua Institute at Tel Yitzchak.

"This strength of both body and soul is with us at all times and especially now – when the winds of revolution undermine the stability of the Middle East and create an extremely complicated, multi-front challenge," he said, "while in the background we witness attempts to harm the State of Israel, its residents and Jewish people around the world."

"As the children, the grandchildren and the great grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, we now stand in IDF uniform, as the steadfast protectors of the State of Israel – a nation that was and still is the essence of their hope and their dream."

"On this day of self examination we once again renew our oath to those who experienced the horrors of the Holocaust, and the promise that the Jewish people will never again stand defenseless."

"We will ensure that here, in the flourishing living project in our forefathers' land, the Jewish people will continue to grow, develop and be an example for the nations of the world."

Gantz added: "I say tonight to those who wish us ill, in the loud and clear voice of tens of thousands of IDF soldiers who are standing guard: we are the steely arm that will hit back hard at any attempt to harm the Jewish people. We are the defensive shield of the nation that will never again stand helpless and defenseless. Never again!"