Cheney: Obama is 'Unmitigated Disaster'

Dick Cheney plunged back into the political debate, praising Romney while claiming President Obama has been an "unmitigated disaster." <br/>

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Rachel Hirshfeld,

Former US VP Dick Cheney in 2009
Former US VP Dick Cheney in 2009

Just weeks after undergoing heart transplant surgery, forme U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney plunged back into the political debate on Saturday, praising Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney while lambasting President Obama as an "unmitigated disaster." 

Cheney’s remarks came during an hour-and-15-minute talk at the Wyoming Republican Party state convention in Cheyenne on Saturday,

After Rick Santorum dropped out of the race this past week, Cheney urged the party to place their support behind Romney, saying that the Massachusetts governor would do a "whale of a job." 

His opinion of President Obama, however, was not quite as positive, asserting that the incumbent has been “an unmitigated disaster to the country."

Cheney's heart transplant in Virginia on March 24 initially canceled his trip to the state party convention but he got last-minute medical clearance to go, Fox News reported.

"I'm not running any foot races yet but it won't be long," he said. 

Cheney said he owed a "huge debt" to the unknown donor of his new heart and medical technology.

Cheney, who has had five heart attacks to date, reportedly looked much healthier than he has in previous appearances.