U.S. Intentionally Leaking Israeli Intelligence?

Bolton accuses Obama administration of intentionally leaking highly sensitive Israeli intelligence information.

Rachel Hirshfeld ,

Netanyahu and Obama, 04.03.12
Netanyahu and Obama, 04.03.12

Former American ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, accused the Obama administration of intentionally leaking highly sensitive Israeli intelligence information, in an interview with FOX News.

According to the reports, Azerbaijan has recently granted Israel access to air bases along its border with Iran, which would eliminate the need for Israel to refuel during the course of a possible operation and would significantly improve the chances of its success.

Bolton, who refrained from stating whether or not he believes the reports to be true, highlighted the fact that the reports were leaked by United States intelligence officials.

He noted that about a month ago, United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta expressed his belief that an Israeli attack is most likely to occur during the spring months of April, May or June.

Bolton said that because the “Obama administration’s private efforts to pressure Israel not to attack Iran were failing, decided to go public” and asserted that such statements are part of the administration’s “campaign against an Israeli attack.”

He continued to state that “the Obama administration has long believed that an Israeli attack [would be] worse than an Iranian nuclear weapon” and that the pressure American has put on Israel, behind the scenes, has been “merciless.”

However, because the Obama administration is realizing that but that the Israeli government will do what it feels necessary  “has torked it up a notch and is now going to reveal very sensitive, very important information, that will allow Iran to defeat an Israeli attack.”

“I think that’s what’s going on,” he said.